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Testimonial for John

“Htownlifecoaching, offers quality, customer service, and timeliness. A fantastic  service with skilled practitioners. Thank you John very much for your  assistance, guidance, and care…”

Justin Harrison

I  was abandoned when I was a young man. My father left me and my mother  when I was 12 years old. I have had re-occurring abandonment and trust  issues for all of my life. Also, I have been through the gamut of  therapy including psychiatry, psychology, self help, and non traditional  modalities including acupuncture, energy work, and spiritual healing.  John was able to identify my primary issue and share techniques that  have helped me move forward in restoring trust in my heart. Within 5  minutes, I could feel my feelings shift within myself. The effects in  the shift from my brief time with John were felt directly by me on a  daily basis for over a month. Thank you John. William Earl Dick III  (Licensed Acupuncturist)

William Earl Dick III

John  has been one of the most wonderful gifts that I have ever received in  my life. Before coming to see him, I had spent years in various types of  psychological treatment, including talk therapy and behavioral  cognitive therapy. Over a lot of time, this treatment had helped me  overcome some of the anxiety that plagued me from childhood through  young adulthood, but I still felt that anxiety and my past issues were  running my life. I wasn’t functioning optimally in any area of my life,  and I wasn’t happy. Within 3 months of working with John, my life  changed completely. After all the slow, painstaking progress I had been  making for so many years, I suddenly achieved everything I had ever  wanted and more than I ever expected. I am now completely free from all  anxiety, and I am happy 100% of the time, no matter what life throws at  me. I never thought I could have complete inner peace, but that’s what I  have found underneath all the layers of conditioned behaviors that had  stuck with me most of my life. John is absolutely amazing and  knowledgeable, but he helps from a place of such humbleness that you  don’t fully realize the impact of his work until you are suddenly a  transformed person. Also, he is an incredible human being who always  sees the best in everyone he meets and lives to help everyone he can. I  am so grateful for everything John has done for me, and I personally  believe that everyone on the planet would benefit from seeing him.  Stephanie Alexander- MD/PHD student, Baylor College of Medicine

Stephanie Alexander
Testimonial for John

I met John in the gym.   The difference before and after we met was a huge and drastic change.  In talking with John my communication became better in different areas of my life.  I felt comfortable talking with John about the gym, my family, and life.  I never felt so connected, so fast with someone, and so deep.  My physical energy and all my energy levels changed.  I became physically and mentally stronger.  John taught me breathing techniques that improved my energy level.  Before I met John, I was physically strong, however I was not mentally strong.  I opened up to a new way of looking at life, which helped me become more physically strong, then I became mentally stronger and in turn helped me become even more physically strong.  I was bench pressing 225 pounds for 14 repetitions and in a matter of two weeks, John gave me some mental exercises and breathing techniques that I practiced everyday.  Within two weeks I exceeded my goal in preparation for the NFL professional football tryouts.  I was able to bench press 225 pounds for 27 repetitions exceeding the requirement of 24 repetitions for professional football tryouts.  Therefore, my personal attitude, my physical performance, and my mental attitude has exceeded all my expectations.  My overall attitude in life has changed, because I now try to connect with people the way we connected.  Now, I try to teach others the way John has taught me to connect with others.  Thank you John for all your help, so that I can help other peoples lives get better in the way you taught me.

Daniel Brown Email:  d_brownjr@yahoo.com

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