​Sessions are available by appointment only.

How Many Sessions Does It Take?

In  general, you will experience immediate positive results with every  session. In many cases, multiple sessions are indicated to ensure  permanent change. For example, clients in the Stop Smoking Now! program  quit the first day, but return for 3 more sessions to lock in their  success. There are no limits to the benefits of hypnotherapy. Clients  who are ambitious about personal growth often choose to come in  regularly.

Recession Rates

If  you are suffering an income loss due to the state of our economy,  please let us know. If you can be flexible about session hours, I may be  able to offer you a significantly reduced rate.  Our hearts goes out  especially to unemployed workers and retirees who've been hit hard by  the recession.
First-session discount available.
Two hours  session, $250 at standard hourly rate of $125 per hour. The first  session lasts two hours in order to achieve maximum hypnotic depth. This  lets us quickly re-access that depth in subsequent sessions. If a  client has no therapeutic issues to address, but simply would like to  experience hypnosis the first session is generously discounted to  encourage as many people as possible to experience hypnotherapy at least  once. It's difficult to imagine without actually trying it!

Regular Sessions

Single one-hour session, price $125. Thus, all sessions are billed on the basis of $125 per hour.
Longer  sessions are especially wonderful for clients seeking PAST LIFE  REGRESSION stress-relief, lower blood pressure or deep muscle  relaxation, and to promote physiological healing in general.

5-session Package for Returning Clients

Four  regular one-hour sessions, worth now $500; Returning Clients Pay for 4  and get 1 FREE. Also get additional $100 discount. Special price $400  for 5 one-hour sessions. The multi-session package is a smart way to  save money and to lock in coveted appointment times. Moreover, by fully  committing in advance, you help condition your mind for success.

5-session Package for New Clients

Two-hour first session and four subsequent one-hour sessions, worth $750, you pay $500 at the end of the first session.

Stop Smoking Now!

Stop  losing your money and your health to cigarettes! One reason why this  program is so successful is that it''s highly customized to fit each  individual client. In most cases, the day you start the program is the  day you quit, and the subsequent sessions reinforce your ability and  motivation to remain smoke-free for the rest of your life. The only  caveat: You must really want to quit for me to accept you into this  program. If you're in any doubt, then please be sure to talk with me  first.

Lose Weight And Keep It Off!

How  many diets have you tried  to lose those pounds and failed to keep them  off? How much time, effort and money did you waist without achieving  any lasting results? Hypnosis helps you to lose weight naturally by  changing your life style. When you acquire healthy habits that result in  burning off the unwanted pounds, reaching your desired weight is no  longer a struggle. With Hypnotic Help you get to keep your desired  weight naturally and permanently.

Make Your Surgery a Success.

One  of the fastest growing healthcare practices today is the use of  hypnotherapy to promote more comfortable surgery with fewer  complications and better healing. Numerous research studies have shown  that for a wide variety of procedures, hypnotherapy will significantly  increase comfort, reduce bleeding, lower stress, ward off side effects  and infections, and speed up healing. Ideally, I would like to work with  you for five sessions before your surgery. However, if that's not  possible for you, this program can be condensed into fewer, longer  sessions. Each program is designed around the client's individual needs.  Not only will this program make your surgery a happier, healthier, more  successful experience, it will also give you the tool of self-hypnosis.  You will be able to use the power of your own mind to increase your  physical and emotional well-being and to reduce stress and you can use  that tool for the rest of your life.


In-person  payments are due by the end of the session in the form of cash or  credit cards. Because available appointment slots are limited, clients  are required to give at least 24 hours notice by phone in order to  reschedule. No-shows or cancellations with less than 24 hours notice  will be charged for the session. All multi-session packages require  payment of the full price by the end of the first session. This is  non-refundable. If you decide to take advantage of a package price  please keep in mind that your payment is not refundable. I will do  everything to accommodate your need to reschedule a session, providing  that you give me at least 24 hours notice of any cancellation. Thank  you!

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