NLP- Neurolinguistic Programming



Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Richard  Bandler and John Grinder combined knowledge of psychology, linguistics,  and computers  the result? NLP. This approach encourages you to be in  charge of your own brain and not the other way around. NLP teaches you  to use your mind's ability to visualize and imagine the sensations of  sight, sound, movement, smell, and taste so you can shape your own  thoughts. The NLP premise is, once you have told your brain how you want  to think about something, you will start to feel differently about it   even behave differently. NLP is a cognitive approach. Hypnotherapists  combine NLP based concepts with hypnosis in order to reach and impress  your subconscious mind with your new thoughts. However, NLP can be used  with or without hypnosis. Some people have unusually high resistance to  hypnosis due to misinformation about the nature of hypnosis and their  consequent fear of loss of control. In other cases a client may have  other, more personal reasons to resist hypnosis, but still wishes to  make some changes in their own behavior. In those cases NLP is the ideal  alternative to hypnosis, since it can be used in just about every case  the hypnosis is used  (123)  with similar results.

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